the sterling matron of three fates

JAX Splenda
TFF Gray Is The New Black

2006 Gray Mare

A producer of quality and unique color.

snr steel blue magnolias
winter moon enlightenment
cw’s sterling silver
season’s ebony lark
gay’s blue velvet
something blue
gay’s de lilia
heartwood brown sugar
rrg master suite
suite after
rrg promisespromises
heartwood new emotion
whit akers sensation
dunraven honorbright

After purchasing her son, Jax Silver Lining, in 2018, I was smitten with the idea of producing high quality gray Morgans. Imagining the possibilities was not difficult, so I pursued breeder Kathryn Schwartz and made arrangements to bring Splenda home to Three Fates Farm.

Last year, my dream began with getting her settled to the beautiful and exotic MI Black Ice, a many time park harness champion and a son of the incomparable Serenity Terry. Our wait was rewarded on April 13, 2020 with a big, strong and GRAY stud colt! Watch for more photos of TFF Gray Is The New Black.