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Roy-El's Captain Jack
Roy-El's Captain Jack

2014 Bay Gelding

A round about success story.

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Jack is going to make a great sport partner… dressage, eventing, ranch, endurance, or trail. This handsome gelding is good sized, healthy and sound. He has been on trails and loves it and is equally happy alone or in groups. He has good feet excellent conformation.

Jack had a story that I had shared previously on Facebook. He was lost and then miraculously found… a “trainer“ to whom I entrusted him as a three year old for a trial sold him almost immediately. I was lied to and deceived for a year that she still had possession of the horse, but he had already started the shuffle through homes. The “trainer“ tried to get his papers from me by lying and saying he was ready to show, when he had long since been sold. Only when the trainer thought I might run into Jack at New Holland was I told he had been sold. His exact whereabouts were unknown. He was consigned to sales and then withdrawn and I had lost hope of ever finding Jack again. I always kept his registration papers in the hope that somehow he would be found.

Through divine intervention, Jack was found (which wasn’t easy with a plain bay Morgan) and with the help of Morgan Safenet and Colleen Saint Loup, I was able to get Jack back home. He was a little thin and frightened, but after six months of rest, he was ready to start his saddle training.

Jack is a sweet horse. No vices, he gets along well with others, but he really needs a person to bond with.

He is becoming more confident, but still can get nervous initially with new things. He has learned to stop and think and problem solve, and not react.

Although green, Jack is learning quickly and is available to the perfect home.

Warning … if you are interested in Jack you will be “vetted“ as rigorously as you would vet your horse! Jack is reasonably priced and negotiable to the perfect home.

NOTE: The boy riding Jack and who has done a lot of his education (supervised by his talented father) is 11 years old!

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