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TFF Sentabale
TFF Sentabale
TFF Sentabale

2016 Bay Stallion

Everything we hoped for and more.

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Ask us about Sentabale

Before you say “that is a totally weird name,” I would like to tell the story behind it. As my incredible horse Harry (HFF Thrillseeker) was dying from some horrendous undiagnosed intestinal disease and was wasting away before my eyes, I tried everything to save him. When all medical treatments and diagnoses failed, I turned to an animal communicator as I was searching for anything to help save my friend. Among many things she said was that Harry loved the “new colt” (I hadn’t even told her I had a new colt), and that he was special and Harry wanted to be his mentor.


Harry had a lot to tell and teach this colt. Whether you believe or not is not the question. I saw a connection between the two. This less than two month old colt would leave his stall willingly, leaving his mother behind, to walk to Harry. This happened several times over the last two weeks before Harry left for his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. I needed to find a fitting name for him that would pay tribute to Harry. 

One of Harry’s nicknames was “Prince Harry”. The real Prince Harry started a charity called Sentebale, which helps children in South Africa afflicted with AIDS and HIV. The translation for the word Sentebale is “Forget-Me-Not”—the perfect name. I, as well as anyone who ever met him, will never forget Harry and I know he is here with us in spirit. My comfort in the tragedy of Harry’s death is the promise of Sentebale. I know Harry is watching over him. If he is half the horse as my Harry, he will be incredible.

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